Stan Romanek

[Wikipedia] Romanek says he is an alien abductee, had his first UFO encounter in 2000, and has had many experiences since, including discovering mysterious wounds on his body that glowed under a black light, communication with aliens over a Ghost Box, aliens following over his car or visiting his home, and telepathic communication by aliens. In one account from 2003, he said he woke up and found himself wearing flannel ladies wear, and he suspected he had been abducted and returned in different clothing. It was later, while talking to an attendee at another conference that he suspected that the flannel gown was that of Betty Hill, another alien abductee who said she was abducted in 1961.

Dwight Connely, editor of the MUFON UFO Journal, included the Stan Romanek case in his 2004 book The World's Best UFO Cases acclaiming it then as the best current case due to the presence of independent witnesses, markings and injuries on his body, a large burned circle, videos of strange phenomena, and "somewhat complicated mathematical formulas which seem to be well beyond Romanek's ability." Connelly hedges his bet then saying it should only be viewed as a potential long term best case that hopefully will be considered legitimate ten years later.

Appearing on ABC Primetime in 2009, Romanek underwent hypnosis by Dr R. Leo Sprinkle, a psychologist who specialized in alien abduction cases. During hypnosis, Romanek wrote out the Drake Equation, which is a formula used to estimate the number of planets in the galaxy that might have intelligent life. It was suggested that this was done through simple memorization.

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